International Experts

Our leadership team has over 45 years of experience delivering on large scale renewable projects. We are independent and self-funded. We have an expert team of engineers and builders that can implement or advise on the deployment of any project anywhere.


With over 45 years of collective experience, Sunflow designs and implements renewable energy installations worldwide. Our team has been involved in projects in Turkey, Romania, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Argentina, Chile, North America, Brazil and South Africa.

Development & Investment

Our team has experience with several projects that are over USD $200 million in size. Since our establishment in 2013, we have developed and are developing projects with or on behalf of foreign investors. To date, we have developed 4 wind projects (230MW in total) and 1 solar PV project (9MW) which we built and operated also. Serbia, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Argentina, Chile, North America, Brazil and South Africa

Contract & EPC

Our difference while providing EPC service is that we don’t look at projects as one-time EPC jobs to be completed at affordable costs, but also to ensure that all necessary permits have been obtained, technical design, equipment selection and installation were carried out in a way that ensures the healthy and professional operation of the projects for at least 20 years.

Maintenance & Commissioning 

A solar PV project, even if built with the highest level of materials and construction quality, can start creating problems if no maintenance is done. Solar PV plants, and any other investment, needs to be taken care of, just like a car. More importantly, fire may emerge as a risk factor even in the highest quality plants, if the minimum essential checks and maintenances are not carried out.|

Consulting & Advisory

As a company which develops, builds and operates its own projects, we are experts in solar PV from greenfield to operation. We offer this knowledge and experience as a service to investors and power plant owners. Whether you need financial expertise to realize your renewable energy investments, technical expertise to design your solar PV investments, or experienced professionals to support you as owner’s engineer.

Manager Owned and Independent


Business Development Manager, Co-Founder

Baris has been involved in the EPC & Development Side of Solar Projects in over 15 countries.


Managing Director, Co-Founder

Onur has been on the Business Development side of International Construction & International Energy Projects since 2005.


Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder

Matt has been managing U.S. Embassy Construction Projects in Africa since 2005 before transitioning to focus on Energy Projects in 2019.

Race to Zero

The Race to Zero is a United Nations-led campaign that is working to fill that gap — by working with businesses, cities, regions, investors, and financial and educational institutions to commit to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.